Business Chinampa
Becoming entrepreneurs, business owners, union organizers, skilled laborers, apprentices, funders
Business Chinampa focuses on nurturing and growing Latinx business leaders in Utah.

This network started at the Imaginemos Utah Summit, where young Latinx leaders came together to create a 5-10 year collective vision of where the Latinx community needs to be leading in Utah. This vision revolves around the framework of Chinampas and Communities. All leaders that are part of Imaginemos Utah follow the Norms.

The purpose of Imaginemos Utah is to gather influential Latinx young leaders, in order to empower and lead our collective vision.

Business Chinampa Co-Leads
Latinx leaders in all the types of businesses!
Diana Miron
Business Chinampa Co-Lead
Born in Mexico City and raised in Oxnard, California since the age of 4, the statement, "ni de aqui, ni de alla" (not from here, not from there) created an internal battle between 2 worlds. The love and passion for her roots and the desire to be "somebody" in a space where assimilation was required resulted in internal chaos. She found her freedom by defeating the person she was told to be, to become who she wants to be. Diana, draws inspiration from her grandmother who would sell aguas frescas, homemade food, and stressed the importance of financial empowerment. Diana's passion for business is embedded in the belief of supporting our community because as we rise we do it together.
Business Chinampa Sections
If we use chinampas as our imagery and framework to leadership development, we understand that nurtured leaders will give back nutrients to the rest of the chinampas. All of our chinampas are aligned to our Collective Vision and follow our Norms. Find out who are our Co-Leads for each Chinampa.
Executive, Management, HR, Public Relations
Start-up, Fundraising
Accounting, Finance, Banking, Investment

Advertising, Communication, Marketing
Chinampa and Community Themed
Trades & Specialty
Maintenance, Automotive, Construction, Diesel, Energy, Welding, etc.
If you're a young Latina/o leader in Utah between ages 18-30, join us! We need you!
If you're a Latina/o leader in Utah over 30 years old and want to become a mentor, join here!
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