Environmental Chinampa
Becoming chief of state and national parks, biologist, land, water, and air protectors, farmers
Environmental Chinampa focuses on nurturing and growing Latinx leaders in the environmental fields in Utah.

This network started at the Imaginemos Utah Summit, where young Latinx leaders came together to create a 5-10 year collective vision of where the Latinx community needs to be leading in Utah. This vision revolves around the framework of Chinampas and Communities. All leaders that are part of Imaginemos Utah follow the Norms.

The purpose of Imaginemos Utah is to gather influential Latinx young leaders, in order to empower and lead our collective vision.

Zoom Event!
What: Seeking Environmental Latinx leaders in Utah!

: Saturday, April 17th, 2020 at 6:30pm
Who: Environmental Latinx leaders
Where: Zoom
Get involved! We need you to become a leader for our community!
Environmental Chinampa Co-Leads
Latinx leaders in the environmental fields!
Olivia Juarez
Environmental Chinampa Co-Lead
Olivia hails from Salt Lake City, UT as Latinx Community Organizer at the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. There she is living out her passion for justice and the natural world by amplifying people of colors' voices in land conservation. She serves as a Leadership Council member for Uplift, a young people's climate justice organization, and organizes with Casa Quetzalcoatl and GreenLatinos to promote Latino/a/x leadership in defending the Earth.
Eduardo Diaz-Vela
Environmental Chinampa Co-Lead
Eduardo became passionate about environmental advocacy in college and participates civically. He also loves to play and watch all soccer.
Carmen ValDez
Environmental Chinampa Co-Lead
Carmen is from Salt Lake City and is a double University of Utah graduate and the first in her Latinx family to earn a Master's degree. She volunteers for a variety of nonprofits focusing on human rights, immigration issues, and environmental issues. Carmen is the Grassroots Organizer for HEAL Utah (the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah) and encourages political activism on any level.
Lucila Fernandez
Environmental Chinampa Co-Lead
Lucila is from Virginia, originally, but this isn't her first time living in the western US. Some of the most formative experiences of her career happened on the Oregon coast, where she coordinated public events on behalf of the US Bureau of Land Management and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Since then, she's returned to the mountains and frontier lands of Salt Lake City, UT. She is now a Conservation Biologist at Tracy Aviary and serves as the outreach arm of the Aviary's conservation team. Operating under the firm belief that knowledge is power, Lucila coordinates research projects that puts research in the hands of people and renders information directly applied to the protection of urban nature and wildlife.
Environmental Chinampa Sections
If we use chinampas as our imagery and framework to leadership development, we understand that nurtured leaders will give back nutrients to the rest of the chinampas. All of our chinampas are aligned to our Collective Vision and follow our Norms. Find out who are our Co-Leads for each Chinampa.
Field Work
Food, Land & Water
Private Sector
If you're a young Latina/o leader in Utah between ages 18-30, join us! We need you!
If you're a Latina/o leader in Utah over 30 years old and want to become a mentor, join here!
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