Noche de Logros
The purpose of a Noche de Logro is to bring the community together to celebrate the logros (successes) that are aligned to our collective vision. It also serves as a place for our community, partners, and comrades to show up in solidarity and support our community's future logros.
Postponed (due to state limits on people gathering)

The Evening Primrose originates from Mexico.

In the Aztec calendar, the last day symbol is a flower. Flowers represent in our Norms, celebration. The Evening Primrose is a flower that blooms at night. It's a beautiful radiant flower that we use as the symbol to the Noche de Logros (Night of Successes), where we invite the community, partners, and comrades to celebrate the success and future success that align to our collective vision.
Organized by
Xoxopan (meaning "Spring" in Nahuatl)
Our Fall '19 Noche de Logros was themed around Dia de Los Muertos.

However, each Noche de Logros has a different theme.
Noche de Logros can be themed different things
Our first Noche de Logros was themed "Dia de los Muertos", however a noche de logros can be themed around anything. We will continue to have noche de logros as Imaginemos Utah's Chinampas and Communities grow, have logros, and bringing our community to celebrate.

If you're a Latinx leader in Utah and want to let us know about your logros, so we can highlight them at our Noche de Logros, please make sure to reach out to us!
Oct. 2019,
Dia de los Muertos
Our 1st Noche de Logros! We wanted to start with this theme of "Dia de los Muertos" because our 1st Norm is all about Recognition & Grounding. We must recognize our ancestors, the generational work they have done, and those that have passed away because of the injustices and their work in addressing it.
Fall '19 Noche de Logros Partners