Casa Quetzalcoatl
Cross-generational empowerment through indigenous epistemologies rooted in gaining, applying, and sharing our precious knowledge, Quetzalcoatl
A whole generation of youth reaching the title of Quetzalcoatl;
The highest level of understanding humility and justice.
This is possible through partnerships and working with the familia. Not only will authentic leaders emerge, but familias co-create stronger resilient communities. Casa Quetzalcoatl's vision is rooted in helping each family member in the familia achieve that title of Quetzalcoatl.
Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god that represents "precious knowledge." The familia and casa is the center of precious knowledge.
Xipetotec Graduation
Noche de Logros
Imaginemos Latinx Summit
Xipetotec Graduation
First Generation student celebration with the familia. Highlighting where students will go to for college, have speakers from the community, including a student leader speaker. Musical numbers and of course delicious food!
Noche de Logros
It's important to celebrate! We have Noche De Logros throughout the year. We celebrate the success our community has accomplished. Especially, the hard work that happens within Imaginemos Utah!
Imaginemos Latinx Summit
Utah's first gathering of Latinx young adult leaders, in order to create an urgent collective vision that will guide us to leading and empowering our community!
Imaginemos Utah
Network of Latinx leaders in Utah grounded in Norms and aligned to the Collective Vision created by the rising young Latinx community.

Learn about our Norms!
The actual values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors shared by our community which we seek to build. All of our spaces, events, and chinampas follow these norms.

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