Civic Knowledge
Gaining, Applying, and Sharing
Civic Knowledge
Becoming Empathetic Agents of Change
The process of becoming something is not just taking action. In order to get the title of Quetzalcoatl, that requires the process of becoming. By having rigorous formal education (formal knowledge) coupled with an increased sense of empowered identity (cultural knowledge); it is natural to have an increased understanding of the responsibility to the community.

Those in Casa Quetzalcoatl will become authentic leaders in their familia, schools, and community not because of a resume, but because their expanding precious knowledge motives and sustains their constant actions as empathetic agents of change.

This is not only true for the youth and young adults, but for the parents too! They are also empathetic agents of change because they are making a difference as role models to their children as they increase, share, and apply their precious knowledge.

Huitzilopochtli in Nahuatl mean "the south's hummingbird"

Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec god of the South. Huitzilopochtli is the concept that represent the heart (which is on our left side of our body) and the inner strength needed to take action.
The hummingbird is the animal that Huitzilopochtli is affiliated with. Hummingbirds are the only animals that can hover and maintain balance. The warrior spirit dedicated to take action, in order to defend, advocate, and lead our community is what Huitzilopochtli represents.

Knowledge has little value until we take action. Our action should be aligned to our values and community.
Leadership & Action
No matter your age, you can mentor someone. You can support someone. You can teach someone. You can serve someone. You can definitely take action to make a positive difference in your community!
Imaginemos Utah
Network of Latinx leaders in Utah grounded in Norms and aligned to the Collective Vision created by the rising young Latinx community.
Imaginemos Utah Summit
Utah's first gathering of Latinx young adult leaders, in order to create an urgent collective vision that will guide us to leading and empowering our community!
Civic knowledge can include knowledge to advocate for your community and others, navigating institutions, systems, policies, and organizing!
Gaining civic knowledge is not only a responsibility for the youth, but also the adults. By developing a critical consciousness rooted with the precious cultural knowledge, the action community leaders take is aligned for liberation and empowerment. You make the most impact by leading your community, but that takes knowing what community you're a part of.

Casa Quetzalcoatl help each family member gain, apply, and share civic knowledge through sponsoring youth, young adult, and adult LULAC councils, partner with organizations to provide opportunities that prepare community leaders to engage in issues they are passionate about and affect their daily lives. We work towards empowering everyone to be a community leader.

Youth learn how to be leaders by spending hours doing community service and serving in leadership positions both in and outside the school.
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Civic knowledge involves gaining, applying, and sharing resistant, navigational, aspirational, familial, social, and linguistic capital.
LULAC Council 44016
Learn more about our partnership with the leaders of the LULAC Quetzalcoatl Young Adult Council 44016