Cultural Knowledge
Gaining, Applying, and Sharing
Cultural Knowledge
In Lak'ech
You are my other me.
If I do harm to you.
I do harm to myself.
If I love and respect you.
I love and respect myself.
Tu eres mi otro yo.
Si te hago daño a ti.
Me hago daño a mi mismo.
Si te amo y respeto.
Me amo y respeto yo.
Tezcatlipoca in Nahuatl means
"Smoking Mirrors".

Tezcatlipoca is the Aztec god of the North.
Tezcatlipoca is the concept that represents constant responsibility to critically reflect on the mirror and discern through the smoke. Taking a moment to become aware of the light, shadows, and realities of our past, present, possibilities of the future. Through gazing at the mirror, we acquire a sense of our-story that calls for liberation.
Culture shapes who you are and who you can become. It's beautiful to discover who you are.
Reflection & Awareness
Critical reflection is sometimes what is missing in our process to transform. You cannot become aware, empowered, and take action that will impact your community without reflection. Authentically, see yourself, to be yourself.
Noche de Logros
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Cultural knowledge can include mother tongue, food, music, dance, clothes, celebrations, holidays, and traditions.
Gaining cultural knowledge can only happen if it is cross-generational. Parents, adults, and elders are the ones with vast amounts of precious knowledge that must be shared.

Casa Quetzalcoatl help each family member gain, apply, and share cultural knowledge through bringing together each together youth, young adults, parents, adults, and elders. We learn together how to make traditional foods, speak our mother tongues, use our hands to create art, sing, dance folklore, celebrate holidays, and remember our ancestors. We are proud of where we come from, where we want to go, and what we want to become.
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Cultural knowledge involves gaining, applying, and sharing aspirational, familial, social, and linguistic capital.
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Nahuatl is one of the indigenous languages in Mexico. Quetzalcoatl, Xipetotec, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, coyote, cacao, chocolate, chili, avocado, mole, chia, shack, and tomato are all example of words that originate from Nahuatl words.

"Piyali" is how you say "hello" in Nahuatl.

Nahuatl no es un dialecto!
The Nahuatl Language
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