Imaginemos Latinx Summit
Utah's first gathering of Latinx young adult leaders, in order to create an urgent collective vision that will guide us in leading and empowering our community!
Jun 21st, 2019
8:00am – 10:00pm
Monson Center
Imagine Utah Latinx leaders in |

Huitzilopochtli in Nahuatl mean "the south's hummingbird"

Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec god of the South.
The hummingbird is the animal that Huitzilopochtli is affiliated with. Hummingbirds are the only animals that can hover and maintain balance. The warrior spirit dedicated to take action, in order to defend, advocate, empower, and lead our community is what Huitzilopochtli represents.
2019 Imaginemos Latinx Summit
The summit agenda included a plenary that went over the Norms and expectations of the summit. We then had our first set of Roundtables. The morning Educational Sessions followed on the first half of Chinampa themes and a workshop on learning Nahuatl.

Lunch time was outside where we had Partners and Sponsors table. After lunch we had our second set of Roundtables, and the afternoon Educational Sessions. The afternoon included Chinampa themes, and Community themes like Dreamer and LGBTQIA+.

The main part of the summit was the Collective Visioning Session. We went into detail the possibilities of each Chinampa, potential partners, mentors, movements, and strategies to accomplish our 5-10 collective vision.
Our collective vision visualized
During Lunch
We had some of our partners and sponsors table
We had 8 groups of roundtables and we had the roundtables meet 3 times during the summit. The purpose of roundtables is to have smaller and more intimate conversations about the Chinampas and Communities.
Educational Session
We had Educational Sessions on the themes of the Chinampas, Communities, and workshops on topics like Nahuatl.
The different themes of the Chinampas are Arts, Business, Education, Elected & Public Servants, Environmental, Legal & Law Enforcement, Media Medical & Health, Science & Engineering, and Technology
Collective Visioning Session
We went into groups based on Chinampa themes and went into detail the potential our Latinx community has in Utah. Our Collective Vision is all about how we as a Latinx community in Utah will be leading in the next 5-10 years.
What is this summit about?
The Imaginemos Latinx Summit will gather influential Latinx young adult leaders, in order to create a 5-10 year collective vision on what the Latinx community in Utah needs to do to lead in every area and industry.
Who will attend the summit?
We will have influential Latinx young adult leaders from Utah. Latinx encompasses individuals that have roots from Latin America, they might also identify as Latino, Latina, Hispanic, Chicano, Chicana, Chicanx, Latin American, and so on. Young Adults for us means individuals between the ages of 18-35. We also prioritize leaders that are planning to be in Utah long term.
What will the summit be like?
That's an excellent question! You can see the agenda above to get a glimpse of how the plenary, roundtables, and education sessions all prepare the summit attendees for the collective visioning session which will last almost 3 hours. Roundtables will be the chance where you can build community with 10 other summit attendees, dive deeper into similar topic interests, experiences, and be prepared to support each other's lens that will be added to the collective vision.
What are the Norms?
Learn more about our Norms for both the Summit and all future engagement for leaders involved in what initiatives and spaces created from the collective vision.
What will the Collective Vision include?
The collective vision will have a time frame of 5-10 years and be fixed to the Latinx community in Utah. Within the Latinx community in Utah there are various diverse intersectionalities which includes, but are not limited to: age, gender identity, race/ethnicity, country of origin, language, documentation status, sexuality, ability, religion, military service, area residing in Utah, education level, occupation, and latin dancing skill.

We want a balanced of various identities, experiences, and perspectives to influence the collective vision. We will explore the different industries, sectors, and areas of Utah which includes, but are not limited to: the arts, business, education, elected public office, environmental, legal, law enforcement, media, medical, health, military, and technology.

Lastly, we will make sure we keep in mind the current and growing movements that are both already in Utah and those happening outside of Utah that intersect and align to our vision, but want to bring to Utah. This includes movements like, but are not limited to: unionizing, pay our interns, Ethnic Studies, March for Our Lives, Represent Us, Air Protectors, anti-prison industrial complex, anti-detention industrial complex, protect dissent, media literacy, having a National Latin American Museum in DC, and so many more!
What's going to happen after the summit?
After the summit we are going to waste no time and start working on actualizing our collective vision. We will use our decolonialized leadership development framework we call "Chinampas". Through our chinampas, we will nurture and keep the leaders we develop accountable and answerable to community needs and concerns.

We will also be fundraising and receiving funds through partnerships to provide grants and seed funds to initiatives within the chinampas that align with the collective vision.

We have a private platform where all the leaders will be on called Workplace. You can join and become a General Latinx Community Member.