Imaginemos Utah
Network of Latinx leaders in Utah grounded to Norms and aligned to the Collective Vision created by the rising young Latinx community.
Imaginemos Utah is a network of Latinx leaders in Utah.

This network started at the Imaginemos Latinx Summit, where young Latinx leaders came together to create a 5-10 collective vision of where the Latinx community needs to be leading in Utah. This vision revolves around the framework of Chinampas and Communities. All leaders that are part of Imaginemos Utah follow the Norms.

The purpose of Imaginemos Utah is to gather influential Latinx young leaders, in order to empower and lead our collective vision.

The fields we are nurturing Latinx leaders in a multipurpose, multilayer, interdependent, sustainable ecosystem of decolonized leadership and empowerment.
Arts Chinampa
Becoming artists, musicians, dancers, MC, singers, story tellers, writers, filmmakers, directors, painters
Business Chinampa
Becoming entrepreneurs, business owners, union organizers, skilled laborers, apprentices, funders
Education Chinampa
Becoming educators, teachers, para educators, counselors, principals, administrators, professors, deans, university president, superintendents, school board members, advisors/consultants
Elected & Public Servants
Becoming board members, council members, mayors, commissioners, state representatives, state senators, members of congress, chairs, lieutenant governor, governor
Environmental Chinampa
Becoming chief of state and national parks, biologist, land, water, and air protectors, farmers
Legal & Law Enforcement Chinampa
Becoming attorney general, judges, lawyers, attorneys, chief of police, sheriff, citizen advisory boards, civilian police accountability council members
Media Chinampa
Becoming reporters, columnists, radio show hosts, TV show hosts, news anchors, producers, independent news outlets
Medical & Health
Becoming doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, therapists, pharmacists, social workers, coaches, health advocates, healers
Military Chinmpa
Becoming generals, admiral, captains, colonel, veterans, peace makers
Science & Engineering Chinampa
Becoming scientists, researchers, inventors, designers, architects, engineers, astronauts
Technology Chinampa
Becoming social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, developers, hackers, CEO, funders
Communities are led by those that hold the intersecting identities of each community and also are Latinx. They work within all the Chinampas. Here are only some of the intersecting communities we have.
Latina/Cihuatl Community
This community is led by Latinas and woman. It is inclusive to trans woman.
Cihuatl is the Nahuatl word for "woman"
Latino/Tlacatl Community
This community is led by Latinos and men. It is inclusive to trans men.
Tlacatl is the Nahuatl word for "men"
Dreamer Community
This community is led by dreamers, those that are undocumented. It is inclusive to those that are or have transitioned into having residency or citizenship.
LGBTQIA+ Community
This community is led by those that identify as queer, which includes and is not limited to what the letters in LGBTQIA+ stand for.
(dis)ability Community
This community is led by those that identify with a (dis)ability, which is not limited to only physical (dis)abilities. It is inclusive to neurodiverse individuals too.
Communities are based on social identifies like gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, documentation status, religion/faith, and national origin
Latter-day Saints Community
This community is led by those that identify as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is inclusive to non-members too.

This community is an example of the intersecting identities within the Latinx community and other faith/spiritual groups. Leaders of Imaginemos Utah can create Communities that revolve around a religious/spiritual group.
Mexican Community
This community is led by those with Mexican heritage. It is inclusive to those not born in Mexico, but still identify with heritage from Mexico.

This community is an example of the intersecting identities within the Latinx community and other national origins. Leaders of Imaginemos Utah can create Communities that revolve around other Latin American countries they originate from.

Learn more about our Norms
Is Imaginemos Utah a seperate organization?
Imaginemos Utah is a network of volunteer Latinx leaders that work towards actualizing the collective vision established and follow the Norms. Imaginemos Utah is not a separate organization. It is organized and administrated by Casa Quetzalcoatl.
Does it cost money to join Imaginemos Utah?
It cost $0 to join Imaginemos Utah. We feel that if you are Latinx and want to be a leader that aligns with the collective vision of the Chinampas and abide with the Norms, you should be able to join.
Who can join Imaginemos Utah?
Those that are Latinx can join as a general member. Latinx encompasses individuals that have roots from Latin America, they might also identify as Latino, Latina, Hispanic, Chicano, Chicana, Chicanx, Latin American, and so on. We definitely want Latinx leaders that have intersecting identities!

Latinx leaders in Utah that have been leading for years can join as Mentors.
Organizations can become Partners.
What are the Norms?
The Norms are our expectations to collective community values we expect from all members of Imaginemos Utah. Learn more about our Norms.
What does the Collective Vision include?
The collective vision will have a time frame of 5-10 years and be fixed to the Latinx community in Utah. Within the Latinx community in Utah there are various diverse intersectionalities which includes, but are not limited to: age, gender identity, race/ethnicity, country of origin, language, documentation status, sexuality, ability, religion, military service, area residing in Utah, education level, occupation, and latin dancing skill.

We want a balanced of various identities, experiences, and perspectives to influence the collective vision. We will explore the different industries, sectors, and areas of Utah which includes, but are not limited to: the arts, business, education, elected public office, environmental, legal, law enforcement, media, medical, health, military, and technology.

Lastly, we will make sure we keep in mind the current and growing movements that are both already in Utah and those happening outside of Utah that intersect and align to our vision, but want to bring to Utah. This includes movements like, but are not limited to: unionizing, pay our interns, Ethnic Studies, March for Our Lives, Represent Us, Air Protectors, anti-prison industrial complex, anti-detention industrial complex, protect dissent, media literacy, having a National Latin American Museum in DC, and so many more!
What are the benefits of joining Imaginemos Utah?
Imaginemos Utah is a network where all Latinx leaders in Utah can finally come together in action and power to empower our community because we have a collective vision and Norms to keep us accountable.

Benefits of joining this network includes but is not limited to:
~Free instant access to every other leader, opportunities, resources, and mentors within the network on our private platform.
~Leadership development alongside other Latinx leaders within a decolonized framework
~College credit for leadership trainings
~Invitations to private VIP events
~Opportunities to local and national events that align to empowering our Latinx community
~Having a community that will hold you accountable to becoming a leader in your Chinampa and Communities in Utah.
If you're a young Latinx leader in Utah, join us!
If you're a Latinx leader in Utah, and want to become a mentor, join here!