Donate. Invest. Empower.
Scholarships truly make a huge difference for those needing to continue their education in order to become leaders in their field. Please consider donating to our scholarship funds!
Casa Quetzalcoatl wants our community to gain, apply, and share Formal Knowledge. This usually requires attending and graduating from a higher education institution. Imaginemos Utah is our young adult initiative to grow sustainable decolonized leaders across all fields we call Chinampas. We have created Scholarship Funds for each Chinampa theme and also intersecting Community Themes. Please invest in our Latinx community in Utah by donating to specific Scholarship Funds!
Ways We Fundraise
There are four main ways we fundraise. Individual donations, sponsorships, matching funds, and events.
Individual Donations
Your individual donation goes a long way! Click on any of the Chinampa or Community themes below 👇🏾 to donate directly to that scholarship fund.
Partner organizations can sponsor a full or partial scholarship. Such scholarships can also be named in the honor of someone/something.
Matching Partnership
Partner organizations can match the amount we fundraise. Example: We fundraise $1000 by selling tacos and individual donations. Then, the partner org matches $1000. Our total then is $2000 for that scholarship.
Fundraising at Events
We have events throughout the year. Our Noche de Logros are our main events we have themed around the Chinampa and Community themes. Please attend our events and donate!
Individual Donations to the scholarship funds!
Click on the Chinampa or Community Theme to donate directly to that specific Scholarship Funds!
Each Chinampa and Community Theme is fundraising to establish a scholarship fund that provides at least four scholarships. That's over 45 scholarships!
Below are the four types of scholarships and the amount.
Full-time and Part-time Undergraduate, at least 2nd year student, and Full-time and Part-time Graduate student.
Full-time Undergraduate, at least 2nd year student

$2000 - $5000
Part-time Undergraduate, at least 2nd year student

$500 - $1000
Full-time Graduate student

$2000 - $5000
Part-time Graduate student

$500 - $1000
People are investing in our leaders and we make sure we have high expectations that allow sustainability and prioritize those ready to become leaders
We are currently fundraising. We will launch the applications for people to apply for the 2021-2022 academic year for the Chinampa and Community themes that have fundraised at least $10,000 within their scholarship fund. Applications will be ideally open late spring 2021.